I don’t feel like explaining what a trope is, I’m pretty sure ya’ll know what it is.
It’s a thing that happens in many books. There you go, explained.
Jesus, I’m literally the worst blogger in this world, but I still hope you’ll read my posts. :))

when the mean girl isn’t actually mean.

Now, what I mean by this is exactly like Aphrodite from the House of Night series. When like “the queen of the school” or the “queen bee” is introduced and we just know that she isn’t gonna be someone we like…well I like it when that changes. When for example something bad happens to the main female protagonist and the “mean girl” helps her…well that, ladies and gentlemen, and everyone in-between, is what warms up my already warmed up heart.

friends to lovers

There’s nothing worst than an undeveloped romance. When you’ve been hanging out with him for 3 days but by the 4th you’re ready to say “I do” No, authors, no one likes that, because that’s not realistic, even though I’d marry my fictional crushes right now and I’ve never met them, but that’s different. However, when it’s friends to lovers, it’s super cute! Because they’d been friends and only after that lovers! So they had the time to actually develop something, ya feel me?

when a cast of characters that didn’t know each other come together and care for one another

I love it when the so called “misfits” come to be friends and create such a bond that the would die for each other if it came to that…isn’t that literally the nicest thing? I absolutely adore this trope and I know that it’s pretty usual but still, it can be so much fun when it’s done right.

happy endings

Literally no one’s gonna agree with me on this but I want happy endings! And no, not bittersweet endings. I just talked about how I don’t like insta love because it’s not realistic and I know that “everyone being happy” isn’t realistic either but still! I want literally everyone (even the bad people) to be happy and find something meaningful in life. I know, that actually no one wants this trope, because as I’ve mentioned it’s not realistic, but I still want it!


I don’t care if the book is set in space, I don’t care if they’re homeless, I don’t care if I’m reading it in July, I want CHRISTMAS! I love Christmas with every fiber of my being, so I love love love love love it when there’s Christmas in books and I wish more books had it, it’s just so peaceful and nice…

female rulers

I’m pretty sure most people are gonna agree with me on this one but we need MORE FEMALE RULERS! I don’t care if they’re evil, not evil, I just want more female rulers. I’ve had enough of male rulers, they’re lame and stupid. We all want female rulers, authors and you all should give the readers what they want…just saying.

power couples

Is there anything nicer and more heartwarming than power couples?! When power couples TOGETHER fight the evil? And yeah, I know it happens in most books, but it’s not always done right, because it’s always the guy wanting to protect his girlfriend or some stupid things. Love that it’s the guy wanting to protect her, but most of the time the girl is actually stronger (and smarter) than him. But yeah, I want them together to fight, think about strategies, I absolutely HATE IT when the girl wants to help with things like these, but her boyfriend won’t let her because he wants to keep her safe like…stop, seriously, just stop.


Okay, that’s gonna be it, there are many more but I can’t really think of any right now.

Goodbye gays and lesbians and everyone else in-between.




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