Hello ya’ll, so one of my favorite things to do in my boring life is looking through Goodreads, checking up on books I’ve read this year, especially looking at my favorites, or books I really, really enjoyed and can’t stop talking about, and annoying my friends, though now I finally can annoy you, too! Life goals, am I right ladies and gents and every other gem in-between?
So, let’s not waste any more of our precious time, let me tell you about my five favorite books I’ve read this month, plus I’m gonna do some honorable mentions, as well.


So, this book is actually the second one in the Him duology, which I enjoyed, too, I mean I gave that five stars, but for some reason, I enjoyed this more than the first one? I don’t know, it’s weird, but I did.
So if you happened to not know this duology follows these two young men, I believe they’re in their early 20s who were friends back in the good ‘ol days but stuff happened and they pretty much ghosted each other, however they’re gonna end up being coaches to two hockey teams and it’s just amazingness, yeah, I know that might sound pretty lame and overdone, but trust me, it’s not! It’s one of my favorites for a reason.





You might know this, you might not, but this is my actual favorite book ever, ever, ever.
No, not one of my favorites, but my favorite.
If you happen to not know what it’s about, it’s basically about this ghost, Rupert, who’s been dead for some time now and is stuck at this house and can’t really leave.
One day a family moves in the house and there’s the parents’ son, Aaron, and ahhhhh!! There is so much more to this than just this.
It was actually based on a true story about Rupert Buxton and Michael Davies who actually existed, however not for long, because they were killed when found together.
This book actually broke my heart, this is the first book I ever cried while reading, I’m never ever gonna forgive about this, please, please read this…there’s so much more to it than just a paranormal LGBT romance.



This is pretty much the opposite, it’s basically about this girl and guy, they wanna spice up their sex life, so the girl is convincing the guy to do a threesome, the guy agrees and starts texting with this other dude and things happen between the two guys and it’s the sweetest, most pure thing ever, if you’re in the mood for something quick, fun and easy, please read this, it’s super cuuuuute!








Probably everyone knows about this book by now, it’s been talked about lately really much, it’s all over BookTube and every other platform, but that’s also for a reason, because this, too, is super easy, super sweet and just amazingly written, it follows the female president’s son and the British prince. If that doesn’t make you wanna read it, I don’t know what will…I also heard that the author is maybe writing a f/f romance, too? I don’t know for certain, but I’m stoked!







This wasn’t liked by everyone, which just saddens me, but we all have different tastes, so it’s fine.
But I’m not fine after reading this book, okay?! I’m not fine.
It follows this guy, Dino whose best friend, June, just died. They weren’t all that good friends by the end, but everything changes when she literally comes back from life.
This is actually hilarious, but sad and everything else you’d expect from a Shaun David Hutchinson book, it’s really memorable, I still keep thinking about it, which doesn’t happen to me often, I usually forget about books super quickly, but this wasn’t like that.





Maybe, just maybe if I had to pick a favorite SDH book, it’d be this. This is so freaking heartbreaking, it has the most beautiful scenes which are so sad but so beautiful, I can’t even…It follows a boy named Andrew whose parents and sister died in a car accident, I believe, and ever since he’s actually been living in a hospital. Yeah, hospital. Obviously no one knows that he’s been living there, he has friends in the hospital, he works there, but no one would think that he lives there, too.
One day they bring in a guy, Rusty, whose half body has been burned, this isn’t such a big spoiler, but there are these scenes where Andrew goes to Rusty and reads him books and it’s just the sweetest…





Okay, that’s it, clearly I’ve read some amazing books this summer, these are my most loved ones, but I did read others, too, that were great, but they didn’t make this list, let me just mention them quickly!







K, that’s it, if you click on the images it’ll take you to my review, if I haven’t written it, then it’ll take you to Goodreads.
But that’s gonna be it from me, thank you so much for reading, I’m gonna be making a ”worst books I read this summer” post soon, too!

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