Hellooo beautiful people! In this post you’ll get to know the books I’m gonna be reading this month.
Actually I chose eight books, I’m confident because last month I read over 20 books.
And this month I’m also going to be participating in Lala’s Spookathon, I know that last month I said that I’d be participating in contemporary-a-thon but something came up and I just couldn’t, however this month I’m definitely going to be participating in Spookathon and I’m gonna have a different TBR for that.
Also, I barely know what these books are about so if you click on the cover, Goodreads will come up and you can check the synopsis, because I’m the worst when it comes to explaining what a book is about…
So, let’s get to the eight books I’m hoping to read this month!

This one finally came this month, it took me quite some time to continue and I have a reason. I actually read Six of Crows in my language, Hungarian, and I was hoping to read this one, too, but I don’t know when they’re gonna translate it, maybe not even this year and I’m not gonna wait. I loved Six of Crows, I wanna continue on with the series and finally I’m going to! I’m so excited!

I’d definitely like to reread Carry On before I read Wayward son, I loved Carry On when I read and I’d like to remember every single detail when reading the new book, so I’m definitely planning to read that, and after that finally I’m gonna pick up Wayward son and I can’t wait! I preordered it on Bookdepository so I’m waiting for that to finally arrive.

I’m slowly but surely making my way through Maggie Stiefvater’s books, I heard that her Shiver series is best to read in winter so I’ll be picking those up around December and until that I’ll be reading this one. I believe it’s about this family who can…do magical stuff? I have no idea…

Haven’t read anything from Lisa Jewell yet, I did hear great things about her books so I’m hoping to love this, I believe it’s about neighborhoods that know and spy about each other, I think? I’m hoping to love this on!


Oh, boy. This is a long book! I believe it’s over one thousand pages, but I’m still gonna try to read it. No, not try, I’m actually gonna be reading it, because I wanna finish this series this year, so I’ll have to read at least one book a month, I’m hoping I’m able to read it. The second one was so amazing, I immediately wanted to start reading this one, but I waited.

The best decision ever: start reading another series while you’re in the middle of reading 10 other series. But I really don’t wanna put this off anymore, it’s queer, it’s fantasy, I believe it has something to do with clocks. Or maybe I’m just thinking that because there’s a clock on the cover, I don’t know, but I do know that I’ll be reading it this month!


And last, but certainly not least is Shaun David Hutchinson’s Brave Face.
This is his memoir, I have read most of his books, I’m super interested in his life, I wanna know more about him. Also, this is gonna be my first memoir ever, I’ve never read one so this should be interesting, but I can’t wait!

Okay, that’s all, it’s a bit ambitious, but I believe in myself, okay? So, as I said, if you click on the covers, Goodreads will come up so you can read the synopses.
Thank you so much for reading my TBR, I’m hopeful in both being able to read all of these and actually loving them, too! Plus I’ll be bringing you guys a spookathon TBR as well.
See you next time, BBBBBYYYYYEEEEE (sorry.)

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