YEEEY! My first ever readathon, I’ve never done one of these, though I always wanted to, so I can finally do it.
It’s October, it’s all about the spooky things (aka books) I’m usually super scared, but lately I’ve been reading scary books and I’ve been enjoying them.
So, this readathon is hosted by the one and only BooksandLala, you can go ahead and watch her announcement video if you’d want to.
Dates: October 14 – 20
But let’s get to it, we have five challenges, but you can always use one book for several challenges, if you find one book that fits all the challenges, good for you!

Everyone talks about how much they love this book, I don’t know much about it, it (maybe) has to do with a babysitter who…ends up killing the child? I have no idea, but I’ve been hearing great things.
I haven’t read a Ruth Ware book yet, so I’m happy to try out one of her books.

With a color on the cover it might mean the whole cover is that color or just a tiny bit, there’s obviously red on the cover.
Probably this one has the best synopsis out of all of these.
A bunch of horror authors are going to be spending the night at a hunted hotel.
Literally, if that doesn’t make you wanna read a horror book, I don’t know what will.

For this challenge, you can use anything you want, if you find elephants scary, then you’ll find a book with a title that has ”elephants” in them.
I’ll be using ”Halloween” for this, I don’t know how scary this title actually is, I just really wanna read this book to be honest, so that’s why I’ll be reading this.


By ”spooky location” they mean like hunted house or something like that.
For this challenge I could’ve used Kill Creek, but I wanna read more books, because I’m an idiot.
Anyway, this one is supposed to be about this girl, who’s a tour guide for a hunted house, some stuff happen, I don’t know much, but that cover is terrifying.

This one must’ve been the hardest to come up with, I don’t know what I don’t read normally, I’ll read anything, really.
Then it came to me, that I probably wouldn’t pick up A head full of ghosts because of the exorcism part, I’m really so scared of that, but I’m gonna do it, I’m using that book for this challenge, too.

But that’s all from me, I’m super interested in all of these books, they all sound super interesting, I hope you’re participating, too!
Anyway, that’s it, thank you for reading, gooooodbye!

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