So I’ve been seeing these five star predictions videos/posts and I love love watching/reading them, I think they’re super interesting, especially when they make updates if they actually rated the books five stars.
So, to me a five stars has to really do IT! Like, actual everything.
I don’t want there one scene, one line that rubs me the wrong way, a five star book is usually a favorite forever, which I’ll wanna reread, lately I’ve really been into rereading, so yeah.
Anyway, I have five books here, I’ll show them to you guys, some of them haven’t been released just yet, but I’m totally sure that I’m gonna be giving these books five stars…well, we’ll see!

So, this is a really recent release, I believe it was realised in September.
The book is basically about Caleb, who’s pretty normal, 16-year-old.
Then one day I believe he gets like…superpowers? I’m pretty sure he gets extreme empathy, he meets a guy, Adam.
I don’t know, but the synopsis sounds super amazing, so I believe this could be a five star.
I know this is a bit irrelevant, but could we just appreciate that cover for one second?

People cry while reading it. I haven’t read anything from this author yet but I can’t wait to read this one.
I’m pretty sure it has something to do with birthdays and literally that’s all I know.

I’m totally and completely sure that I’ll be giving this one five stars! This is the second book in the Simon Snow duology (?)
I loved Carry On so much, so I’m having the highest of hopes.
This has just been released and I preordered it on Bookdepository and they sent me the hardcover! Okay, this might seem super shallow, but I don’t want that! I was looking for the paperback and it was sold out even though I freaking preordered it, so now I’m waiting for the paperback.
I don’t know how much I’ll be waiting, if it takes more than a couple of weeks for it to be in stock then I guess I’ll get the hardcover.

I don’t care what else gets released this year, this my most anticipated release in this year, I wish I were a huge reviewer so I could get at least an e-arc of this!! I’D DIE! I don’t know what actually has to happen to me not to rate this five stars.
This is about Adam and Ronan! They’re my babies! Ronan is my husband, okay?? He’s my lifeeeee!!! I WANT TO EAT HIM…i’ll stop now.

I’m reading it this month! Oh, boy! This is so long, ok?? It’s over one thousand pages! This is gonna be my longest book, it’s so crazy, but I’m so ready for it.
I have no idea what this one is about, if it’s following the series, if the red wedding is happening in this one, I’m scared, I’m happy, I’m feeling all the emotions right now.
I rated the 2nd book five stars, so I’m hoping to rate this one five stars as well!

That’s gonna be it, if you’d like to check any of these books out on Goodreads, click on the cover and it’ll take you straight (or gay) to Goodreads.
I’m having high hopes, I’m fairly certain that I’m gonna rate these five stars, but we’ll see, okay?? I could even DNF any of them (except for Call down the hawk, i wanna be buried with that book.)
But that’s it from me, I’ll make an update when I have read all of these, see ya in my next post gays and lesbians (and everyone else in-between.)

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