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Silence of Winter
(Cromwell Chronicles #1) LGBT fantasy/paranormal Kindle format 290 pages

Normal is overrated. At least that’s what Oliver Cromwell tells himself when he’s being bullied for being different. He’s a lover of all things paranormal, and when his nose isn’t shoved into his sketchpad, drawing haunted houses and monsters, he and his best friend Bailey hang out in abandoned buildings and take long—very non-romantic—walks through graveyards looking for ghosts.
Everything changes when they actually find one.

Freaked out because he seems to be a sudden ghost magnet, Oliver befriends Mrs. Glass, a psychic who lives in the Victorian manor at the end of his street. With her help, he discovers his special bloodline and uncovers abilities that allow him to begin helping the ghosts move on. As if being sixteen wasn’t already complicated.

When Oliver meets Victor, the charming and mysterious boy who lives with Mrs. Glass, he finds himself falling and falling hard. Chasing ghosts is a lot less nerve-wracking than falling in love, though, especially when the person you fall for has secrets of their own.

The sleepy town of Iris Hollow has plenty of spooky legends and history that entices tourists from all over. And Oliver is about to find himself in the center of it all.

This is a young adult paranormal LGBT story with magic, ghosts, and heartwarming romance. Guaranteed to make you smile, laugh, and maybe sleep with the light on.

The book starts off with our main character, Ollie, who’s at a party. Basically it’s Halloween and he’s alone at this party, his only friend, Bailey, is away with her mom. 

Ollie is bored alone, so he decides to leave, just walking around, he goes to a cemetery to visit his dad, yes, his dad died, he isn’t really comfortable with his mom. She’s kind of a horrible person, let’s be real. So, he’s at this cemetery, when suddenly someone arrives, Victor and they started talking and hanging out. We only get one point of view in this book which is Ollie’s who is super into scary stuff, like horror movies, horror books, ghosts, anything that’s supernatural, so when he finds a house that everyone says is hunted, he obviously wants to find out more about it. Actually, both him and Bailey are obsessed with anything supernatural and trying to catch a ghost and other fun stuff.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere throughout this book, this was just really great book for October, it has just the right amount of spookiness, sometimes even too much, okay?? There are ghosts here and hunted houses! And our main character is only 15! How can you not be scared for him? And yourself, too, even though you’re 20. it’s autumn when the book starts, there are pumpkin spice lattes!! If that doesn’t scream autumn, I don’t know what will.Ollie is a pretty likeable character, he’s really passionate about anything that’s supernatural, his friendship with Bailey is precious. I also liked that this book dealt with grief, unfortunately Ollie’s father passed away so he’s dealing with that loss, and the fact that he doesn’t get along with his mom, he’s also being bullied at school, too by this douchebag, Lonnie. 

I really can’t think of anything I didn’t enjoy while reading this book.

It was an easy, quick read and that’s exactly what I was in the mood for after having read so many thrillers! This is why I don’t like participating in readathons that only focus on one genre, after some days I just grow tired of it, everything feels repetitive and it’s just putting me in a reading slump, which is the worst thing ever. 

So I picked this up and I got exactly what I wanted from it, if you’re in the mood for a quick, easy, cute halloween read I’m more than sure that you’re gonna end up enjoying yourself while reading it.

However I’d like to say that even though it’s a quick, easy read, there are a couple of trigger warnings I’d like to let you know about, like  self harm, bullying, LGBT-related slurs, so please be aware of these before picking it up.
That said, it’s an amazing book, there are sad scenes in it as well that had me tearing up.
I also didn’t know that this is actually a pen name! The author is Jaclyn Osborn who wrote one of my all-time favorite books: Cheater and the Saint, so that was really a nice surprise, I do believe that she writes YA under Avery Blake, there will be a second book coming out in this series which is really amazing and I cannot wait for it!
This author is really amazing, I’ve only read like three books from her by now but I can tell that I’d like to read more, because she actually writes things I’m interested in, so you’ll definitely catch me reading more from her.

I do hope that I’ve managed to convince you to give this book a try because it’s really a great book and I’d want more people to know about it!
Thank you so much for reading, goodbye gays and lesbians (and everyone else in-between!)

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    1. I also read it because of this review and I enjoyed it immensely. Will be recommending it to anyone looking for a fantasy novel.

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