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Under Fire
(Fairbridge #1) series Peter van der Walt Rowdy Parrot Limited Published June 3rd 2019 Paperback 252 pages Goodreads

The quirky little city of Fairbridge is about to explode at the intersection of sex, religion and politics.

Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Fairbridge is home to a sizeable LGBT community; as well as American Evangelical Christianity’s brightest rising star.

The people have embraced the contrasts and paradoxes as part of life in the New South. Students, hillbillies, snake handling tent revivalists, a new police chief, a feminist lesbian bar owner, rich out-of-staters… they all call Fairbridge home.

So far, the uneasy peace has held. Paul Draker – a gay, former Combat Rescue Officer – returns to the city to live out his days peacefully in the woods of Western North Carolina. But as the edges of the peace begin to unravel, and the culture wars reignite, he is on a collision course with a tortured soul on a perverse mission to kill as many LGBT people as possible.


This book starts off super sad, we get a guy, Jimmy, who’s gay, his father kind of knows and isn’t okay with it. He constantly beats his son, just because he’s a freaking idiot. One day his dad comes home from somewhere, he gets his son, Jimmy, to bring the gun, they went out into the woods, Jimmy was so afraid as anyone would, his father drove up to a cottage, went inside and inside there was a man dressed up as a woman and his father told Jimmy to either have sex with the man right now or shoot him. Basically he’s a freaking moron and someone that shouldn’t exist and aaaa it makes me so angry.

Anyway, we then switch sides to Paul who is in his late 30s, a gay man, former Combat Rescue Officer returns to the city to live out his last years peacefully, but he can’t do that, no sir, just because in the city there’s a guy who’s going around and killing LGBT people as many as he can. And his name is Jimmy. Big ol’ yikes.  But Paul is a really likeable character he was his own things going on, his own ideas and overall he’s really confident and smart, which I really enjoyed.His mother died of breast cancer, so he was basically raised by a local woman, I really enjoyed him as a character and ended up missing him after the book ended.

You also get a POV from the killer which is one of my favorite tropes, because you get to have a look into their sick heads, the thoughts they’re having while thinking about actually murdering someone, it’s crazy. 

The most shocking thing is that it doesn’t read like any thriller, it’s one of those books where it reads like it’s freaking true, okay?? It’s written like it could happen any day, in your town, in mine, it’s pretty genius, the author definitely has a way with words, just making you feel so mach, anger, sadness, happiness and just feel for his characters for the way they’re treated. 

Peter Van Der Walt has a really strong voice and is able to convert his thoughts into words pretty amazingly.This book just needs to be read by more people, I would love to know what other people think about it, it does deal with really heavy topics so make sure you’re comfortable with reading about such series things like  horrible father-son relationship, language, fat phobia, homophobia.

I honestly would totally recommend this book to you guys, it’s super important to read and educate yourself, moreover it’s super entertaining and easy to follow and just really interesting, it won’t let you be bored, I can promise you that. 

So yeah, I’d recommend it, I’d love to hear your thoughts, it’s super fast, you can easily read it in a day, pretty much impossible to put down, and I simply cannot wait to read more from this author!
Thank you guys so much for reading this review, see ya next time!

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