Popular series I won’t be finishing

So recently I was looking through my Goodreads’ ”read” shelf and I realized that there are a couple of series that I started, but I just know that I won’t be finishing for one reason or another.
I honestly don’t really care how popular or loved they are, if the first book(s) don’t appeal to me I don’t see the point in continuing on with the series just because many people are reading them.
So, there are eight series in total I won’t be finishing, I’m telling you about them now.

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recently read books | november #1

Hi, helllooooo!
So you might’ve noticed that I’m not doing my usual reviews anymore and I do have a reason for that: it’s that it takes so much freaking time! I have to stop reading and takes notes and I’m just not okay with that, I can’t stop myself from reading just to take notes, so I thought when I’d read 3-4 books, I’d do a recently read, or do a weekly wrap-up and just tell you what I read about, so I honestly hope you guys are okay with this. Or maybe you just don’t care.
Anyway, I’ve managed to finish three amazing books! These are all continuations of series! Who am I?! I’m actually continuing with series and just starting them. I’m truly someone. Okay, I’ll stop, let’s just get to what I’ve read.

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Underrated lgbtq+ books #2


So I’ve done this before, I already have a post like this one which you can access by clicking here but actually I wanted to make a new one and I do think that I’m gonna make new, updated ones, just because I think that it is super super important to promote underrated books, I’ll be bringing underrated books in many genres but right now it’s gonna be LGBTQ+ books. So what I consider to be an underrated book is if it has 1000 or less ratings on Goodreads and right now all of these books have less than 1k so I thought I’d share them with you guys if you’d wanna read them, I’m definitely interested in them!

Well. Let’s see!

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October wrap-up

OMG! Hi everyone! I can’t believe I have to write this so soon! This month is oooover! WHY?? It’s too soon!
Anyway, I’m here to do my October wrap-up, which, if you didn’t know, means that I’m telling you about the books I’ve managed to read this month! And…I’m not complaining, okay?? I’ve read so freaking many books this month! Plus I’ve also read A storm of swords which is over 1,000 pages, thus making it my longest book I’ve ever read, but I did it! It’s crazy! Anyway, let’s get to it!

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