So recently I was looking through my Goodreads’ ”read” shelf and I realized that there are a couple of series that I started, but I just know that I won’t be finishing for one reason or another.
I honestly don’t really care how popular or loved they are, if the first book(s) don’t appeal to me I don’t see the point in continuing on with the series just because many people are reading them.
So, there are eight series in total I won’t be finishing, I’m telling you about them now.

This is the weirdest thing ever, I rated the first book (And I darken) five stars! FIVE!
I believe it was last year, but I’m not sure. Honestly, I don’t at all care for this series, I believe (but not sure) that this is a retelling of Vlad the impaler, and I remember loving the series, it follows Lada and her brother Radu who have to go to the Ottoman palace or something like that, I don’t know, it’s been a hot minute since I read this, but I just don’t care enough to continue, I’m not invested in the characters nor the world.

I rated this one four stars, it was a time when I thought that you shouldn’t rate a popular/loved book lower than four. I was an idiot. You totally should rate anything how you feel like, if you feel like HP deserves one star. Go right ahead. Anyway, I remember not liking this book, I could barely go through it and after finishing it, actually giving it four stars. Then, some time later I picked up the next book in the series and I could not get through it for the life of me. It was boring, lame characters, the writing style is just too juvenile in my opinion, so I definitely won’t be finishing The Dark Artifices.

I feel your judgement already. Okay, so I did read the first three books in this series and I did enjoy them, but I couldn’t read the fourth one, I didn’t like anything in it, I found it to be just…too magical? I have no idea, but I just didn’t feel like reading it.
I know that the people that love this series are really freaking passionate about it, I always feel like I’m touching a sore spot while talking trash about this series, but honestly, I did like the first three books, just not the last one, so I don’t think I’m gonna be finishing this series.

I feel like people can wag their tongues (I’m full idioms, I’m not a native speaker, okay?? I’m happy if I’m able to learn an idiom!) about this book all the freaking year, everyone seems to love it so much and here I am, speaking ill of it (sorry.)
Anyway, this series is fine, I remember reading this, though I have zero clues what it’s about anymore, I remember some sisters that have to fight each other or something like that…it was fine, I gave it three stars. Meh.

I don’t actually see anyone talking about this series, though it was released in 2014 I believe, so that must be the reason? Anyway, all I remember about this one was that it’s about time travelling, I really like it, but again, I read it a couple of years ago, never going back to it. If I’m away (aka not reading) from a series for a long time, I don’t really pick it up again. I just don’t care, forgot everything…that’s it.

I think this was originally german, and later translated into english.
I read the first book a couple of years ago and it was just fine, I had some issues with it, like: not liking any of the characters and thinking they’re stupid. And that was a couple of years ago when I wasn’t really critical about anything I read, so imagine me reading this series again. No, sir (and not sir.)

Meh. Anyway, this is another really popular series, I believe it ended now.
I read it because all of the popular BookTubers were reading it and loving it and me being me, I wanted to be part of them.
But it didn’t really work for me, I didn’t like anything about this book, never felt anything towards the characters, I just remember actually hating them.
By now I don’t know what it’s actually about. It’s a super forgetful story, in my opinion at least.

And the last one is gonna be this, again, read it a couple of years ago, and didn’t really like it.
I’m pretty sure it takes place in high school and there are zombies and they have to survive or something like that.
I don’t remember, what I didn’t like but I know I hated the main character.
Actually, this is the reason why I’m hesitant to pick up Sadie by this author.

Anyway, these are all of the series I wanted to talk about today, again, these are my opinions, I’m not trying to trash the books or the authors, this is just how I feel, if you’d like to read any, please feel free to do so.
But that’s all from me, thank you so much for reading, see ya next time, byeeeee!

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