I’m gonna be telling you what I’ve read in this couple of days.
Lately, I’ve been craving the gay so I read the gay. By that I mean I only read gay books, just because why the heck not, you know what I’m saying? Anyway, let’s just get to it.

This book follows James Spencer who did some bad stuff and thus ended up at Whisperwood School for Boys where you end up when you’ve been a naughtyyyyy boy. Here, stuff are going down. Ghosts cry during the night, people disappear. You know. The usual.
But Spencer came to save da day, he meets friends, one of them goes missing so he pairs up with a guy and they will get to the bottom of this. They’ll go from top to bottom and from bottom to top. I’m sorry I exist. 

Anyway, this book was kinda amazing, I really loved the mystery of it, the whole School, it was super cool, also kinda messed up. t
The whole spooky vibe of it, it was pretty good, let me just say. 

Though there’s is a reason I’m not giving it five stars, we can’t just talk about the good stuff. I kinda sorta didn’t like the romance. It came out of nowhere, I barely knew the main character and then another basically main character comes with his feelings. Can you like..wait for just a few chapters?
But with that said, this was a pretty solid book and I’m definitely gonna continue reading the next one!


There’s this M/M books Goodreads group and everyone recommends this book, it’s super popular in that group and it kinda sounded amazing so I thought why the heck wouldn’t I give it a read and see where it goes? omg. omg.
Okay, first of all, a brief synopsis.
Once upon a time Penn and Copeland were super best friends, pretty much brothers, they would always complain to each other about their shitty fathers, and trust me, their fathers are really shitty.
Both of them, especially Penn’s though, he actually beats his son.
Anyway, this one time they were wrestling and Penn kinda sorta kissed Copeland. Who freaked the f out and was like ” WHAT THE HECK DUDE??! IS YOU ARE YOU GAY? GAE? eXcUsE mE?! ” And Copeland didn’t talk to Penn for years. Yikes.
I wouldn’t like to say much more, honestly, some things will go down and OOOOOOO! Please, read this! Copeland and Penn are my new favorites! You can actually feel their chemistry, bitch! I’m a dead person. Read this, i beg of you.

This book is pure perfection.
It’s about this guy, Robbie, who’s kinda digging this other guy, a celebrity cooks (or whatever they’re called) Julien but Julian has a husband, Priest.
Priest is a bit of a dickhead, he’s a ” boss ”, he’ll tell you what to do, likes to boss you around.
Robbie really hates the guy but loves Julien.
So one night Robbie is drunk at a club and calls Julien, Priest picks up the phone, they’re actually in the middle of…you know.
So the two guys would pretty much love to have Robbie there. With them.
This was literally super amazing, all of three men have personalities, are different and easy to love and just awesome to read about.
And THAT ENDING! There are so many questions I have and you can bet your butt I’ll be reading the next one soon!

But those are the books I read and wanted to talk to you guys about, I’m obviously super happy with what I’ve read, if I had to choose and recommend you guys only one to read it definitely would be Wicked lies boys tell because that book is seriously super amazing and I’d reread it right now!
but that’s all from me, goodbye!

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