Hello! In this post I’ll be telling you guys about the books I’ve read recently, if I hated them or loved them, if I’d recommend them or not, soooo let’s see!

Finally decided to continue, just because I know that there are actually more books in the series? I’m actually scared to read these because I love the world and our characters so damn much. I don’t just love them, I adore them!
I know that these are full of cringe moments, not an amazing writing style and many other problems, that’s the reason it’s not a five stars, but I just love the characters so freaking much!!!!
But there are some issues I’d like to tell you guys about, and that’s the fact that they don’t always tell each other stuff in order to ”protect the other” which is literally one of my pet peeves in books, I hate it! It literally never works out, that person will still find out later and they’ll be like ”why didn’t you tell me? now im not talking to you. ever.” And it’s just stupid.
It didn’t go down in this book but there are some things that they aren’t telling each other, which is frustrating.
But anyway, I really am enjoying myself while reading this, I recommend this series to anyone who wants a really long series, I love it!

This book had been on my radar for so freaking long by the time I picked it up! So long! I’m such an idiot for not reading it before.
So, one of our main characters, Maddox used to have a girlfriend, but when things got super serious (aka marriage) he was like ”im gay” and fled to New York. Fast forward some time he’s having a great time at a bar, when suddenly the girl drops by and is like ”it should’ve been us” and he’s like ”i knooow, but that wouldn’t have worked, I’m gay and I have a boyfriend” and she goes ”that’s cool! btw i’m getting married and you and your boyfriend are invited.
The problem is that he doesn’t have a boyfriend because he’s kinda straight.
So his friend sets him up with her brother to go to the wedding and…things happen.
Honestly, you don’t need to know more.
This book was freaking amazing. It was super cute and easy to read, it’s just a book you can read in one day easily, the characters, all of them, were super cool and just good people.
The other thing I’d like to point out (no spoilers, don’t ya worry) is the outing. I absolutely loved how it was handled. It’s never, ever okay to out someone, no matter what they did to you, it’s never okay to out someone and I just really love the way this book talked about that.
So yeah, it was amazing and I can’t wait to read the next book which is gonna be from Matt and Noah’s POV.

Honestly, I was kind of hesitant to go into this one, even though I liked the first book, I came to realize that I’m not really into sport romance. Even though I read the Him duology and loved it, I’m just not a sport person myself and I don’t find it as entertaining to read about, but I still gave it a chance and I’m fairly surprised.
So, it follows Matt and Noah.
Matt is a football player, he was photographed with another dude and shit hit the fan.
So his agent was like ”f it, we need to get you a fake boyfriend and you’ll be the image for LGBTQ people in sport” or something like that.
So he got him together with his friend, Noah.
Noah is a rich kid, a famous politician son. He’s arrogant and always on the phone which irks Matt.
This is a fake relationship, hate to love relationship. Which is literally my favorite ever trope.
I really enjoyed the banter, as well, I thought that it was super entertaining.
I didn’t like this one as much as I liked the first book, but it was a solid read and I’m happy I read it.

There you guys go, those are my last three reads and my thoughts about them. I’m super happy that I actually continue with series I start.
I seriously have no idea what I wanna read next, maybe I’ll continue with the fake boyfriend series.
But that’s it, thank you for reading!

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4 thoughts on “recently read | november #3

  1. Oh, I understand your fear of not wanting to finish the series, it’s an amazing series.
    But anyway, can’t wait for you to come back! You’re missed!

    1. Oh, yes, it truly is an amazing series. Yeah, some things came up, but I’ll be returning to you guys pretty soon! Missed you too!

      1. THANK GOD! I know that this might sound crazy but I’ve missed you so much! All your posts are so entertaining, your reviews are amazing too and I’ll pick up anything that you read lol! lots of love for you xoxo

        1. So glad you’re missing me lol! But yeah, the reviews will also be returning, i’ve missed them. Thank you for being here!

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