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Insecure college senior Orion loves music, books, and his best friend Niko. When the two of them find a secret basement in their rambling old off-campus house, at first Orion’s thrilled. It’s another secret to share, another adventure to maybe, at last, bring them closer together. 

But something’s wrong: the basement doesn’t end. Blandly decorated halls stretch on for miles past peeling wallpaper, empty bedrooms, and countless stairwells always leading down. Soon they realize Downstairs is a snarled tangle of possibilities, more and more opening up the deeper they go. Something down there multiplies everything: architecture, emotions, even people.

Together they must navigate an increasingly dangerous labyrinth that peels back their friendship to raw and angry roots, filled with two-faced doppelgängers, treacherous architecture, and long-buried secrets. Most dangerous of all is Orion’s consuming obsession: somewhere down there, is there a Niko who loves him back?

Subcutanean is a unique novel that changes with every printing. Each copy contains a unique telling of the story: no two are ever quite the same. 

When I first heard about this book, I knew I’d want it. Essentially every book is different, which first of all, blew my mind so hard. I knew that I’d want to read it. 

The whole story feels genuine and real, you can definitely feel yourself getting lost in this story. I can’t imagine anyone not getting something out of it. 

Because this isn’t super long, you can definitely read it in a couple of ours, in one sitting definitely. I do most of my readings at night so I flew through this, once you start reading it you can barely stop! 

Obviously I knew I’d want to read it as soon as I found out that it’s a queer horror novel, those are the words that will get me to read a book super quickly, I don’t care what it’s about, who our main characters are, I’ll just read it because it’s queer and it’s horror. 

It was highly entertaining, the characters’ personalities were very gripping, by the end I felt like I’d die for them (which usually happens when I get so attached to the characters) so I was obviously were scared for our main characters, I wanted them out of there and forever happy. It’s a book I’d recommend to everyone who even slightly thinks they might enjoy a horror book. Or even if you’re scared of reading horror, get your chance! Read this! You are going  to love the hell out of this, I can’t imagine otherwise! It was very unique because no two copies are the same! Which I literally don’t know how it works, I don’t know what you guys’ copies would look like, what kind of things would happen in those, so I it kind of makes me want to buy all the copies that I can possibly find, which is a nice feeling, let me tell you! 

I would definitely say that my favorite aspect of the whole book were our characters, Orion and Niko because they are gay! And I love the gay! 

If you just think, even a little bit about picking it up, I’d definitely encourage you to do it! Don’t let anything stop you if you want to be part of this unique experience, it’s insane, I have never come even close to finding a story like that, which is insane!  It’s short and sweet, even if you’re suffering from a reading slump right now (I’ve been lately) it’s a book that’ll get you out fairly soon! Because it’s so short and easy to fly through. 

So yes, that’s all I wanted to say, please do consider picking it up if you think it might be something you’d enjoy. I did! I gave it five stars and I couldn’t give it less even if I tried. 

Thank you for reading my review, I’ll definitely be picking up more books from this author in the future. 

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